School Violence: How Can We Keep Students Safe?

School is such a place where people are admitted to gain knowledge and also, they
are brought up in a good manner. Since the evolution of schools’ systems, some
negative things have also occurred in the past few years. Worse things have taken
place over a long period of time. One of the most concerned topics is school
When a kid is admitted to a new school, he has hopes of becoming a great man
which child dream of. But if after attending the school, the dreams become
nightmares, then we can surely say that something is really going wrong. As a
student gets adapted to the new environment, some negativity also takes place. A
new student can be bullied. A bunch of students are united in order to bully the kid.
They order them to perform specific tasks or otherwise he/she will be insulted in front
of a crowd or they will be beaten by a group of senior students.
Another such negativity in our society is punishment by teacher. Students require
some time in order to get adapted to new things. In this period, if teachers don’t
show responsibility and punish the students, then we can say that it’s not a good
thing to face. Teachers punish students on not learning the specified lesson or
lecture. In this way, the students are tortured to learn the specified topics and
lessons. Failing in a test also open ways for teachers to give punishment to
students. Such negative things have always been a part of our culture and society.
Violence in school can really damage one’s life. The type of torture students go
through is unexplainable in words. The type of behavior which others treat with a
particular student can make him mentally stressed. So, it can block one’s way of
succeeding in his field of interest. Violence must be stopped. Teachers and schools
should take responsibility of negating the violence from the institution. Societies
should be made in order to spread awareness about stopping violence and other
dreadful things.

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