What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of computers?

Ever since the advent of human being, things have enormously changed over a large
period of time. Technology has taken over the world since a long time. Man has evolved
with the evolution of science and technology. The development of instruments and
objects has changed the life of human being. One such instrument or object is computer.
Ever since the invention of computer, things have become easy and man’s life has got
some relaxation. Computers have taken over the technology since a few decades.
Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so does the computer.

Advantages of Computer:

  1. The work that used to take months and years can be performed in a few minutes
    and hours.
  2. Sitting in any corner of the world, one can remain in contact with his loved ones.
  3. Computer is the biggest instrument that provides information at fingertips.
    Everyday millions or billions of people use computer to get detailed knowledge
    about their concerned topics.
  4. Internet has taken the world by storm. You can analyze and search anything
    through internet and you will get the information you need at your home.
  5. Computers can save bundles of data and programs. One can make his own digital
    library rather than purchasing books from book shops and libraries.
  6. You can perform every task that you can think about of.
  7. Computer can solve complex problems in a very short time.

Disadvantages of Computer

  1. According to a health research, working constantly on computer can damage one’s
  2. Children spend hours playing their favorite games and they become addict of
    computer. In this way most of their time is wasted in useless things.
  3. With the advancement of technology, the chances of disruption have increased by
    a large margin.
  4. Adult sites browsed on internet can damage one’s life and can cause destruction in
    the youth.
  5. If used for bad works, computer can prove dangerous for the people who want to
    use it for other purposes.

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