What to do after Intermediate Exams?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by intermediate students and one of the most underrated also. Students get puzzled about ‘what to do after taking exams’ and hence cannot think properly about their post-exams activities. In this state of dilemma, they get stressed and all their pre-planned tasks which they were thinking of to do after taking examination start looking impossible. More-over the pressure exerted by parents about ‘why are you sitting idle and why don’t you find a job?’ begins to dim one’s mind. Consequently he/she starts to hate himself and starts considering himself/herself as ‘zero’. This may lead to mental stress and can damage one’s mental health.
One of another important aspects that should be taken into account is that you need not to consider yourself á free bird’ after taking exams. This can lead you to destroy all your precious time which can be utilized in a much better way. After getting out of college life, you begin to understand that all that pressure in intermediate exams was just a hoe, and, the main gigantic hard-work is lying ahead waiting for you. In this situation, you cannot close your eyes acting like ‘the cat isn’t seeing me’, instead, you have to fasten up your seat belts for the flight that will soon be taking off i.e., ‘what fields I should chose and which university will be best for me’.
You cannot afford both the things mentioned above : i) the stress applied by parents ii) the fact that you start considering yourself free. This article focuses on what you should do and what you should avoid after you have sit in the annual exams.
Here is the list of 3 things you should adopt when you have been set free after the final examination :


This is probably where most of the students lack. Students just after taking the exams start relaxing and take no burden of revision on their shoulders. They have no idea what harm this type of behavior can cause. The concepts in one’s mind start vanishing as it is a natural phenomenon to happen. Students must get rid of such a childish behavior and they must concentrate well on their post-exams revisions.
Here are a few tips to recover your syllabus in just a short period of time in between exams and entry tests:
1- Take a rest for just a couple of days and that will be enough to get you back in shape.
2- There is no need to hurry for preparations. Just take your time and it does not matter if you need a few more time to relax. But one important thing to keep in mind is that you should not take too long for all the process which you want to initiate.
3- Now when you are all ready to commence, take out your text books and go through it for a short interval and make clear what important aspects you have missed in your class and will now be concentrating more on them.
4- The main thing is that all that hoe in the BISE exams will not help you out in entry test preparation to a great extent. The things you used to do in board exams were heart learning, preparing a detailed and a beautiful description, etc. But now the main thing is what you have to do in order to easily clear the gigantic ‘MCQs based Entry Test’. All the mess starts from here. So it is important to make a new strategy in order to prepare for it.
5- Start pondering on chapters slowly and take proper time to clear the un-cleared concepts. Remember that what was important for board exams might not or I would say must not be important for entry tests. So do not waste your time on this stuff. Instead, you will have to understand the concept behind these tests i.e., ‘All the un-important things with respect to board exams are now the most important ones’.
6- The statements which you were in habit of leaving, now, you have to go through all of them and that might become your key to success. Make sure that you don’t leave those points which you used to call un-important. Those un-necessary things may help you out in clearing the entry test.


Instead of trying to revise in an irregular manner, plan a well-mannered strategy and work according to it. You must know that it is an important stage in your life and can be a life turning point. This is where you will get motivation from. If you start realizing that this stage would have a great impact on your coming future, you may initiate a good plan to prepare for the upcoming test. This would be a bonus. You have to get that emotional feeling about your career if you want to pass the MCQs based exam with flying colors. This would surely help you out in preparing for the best instead of just thinking that ‘this is just an ordinary and easy test’.
One more thing of utmost importance in this aspect is that you have to cover the syllabus in a regular manner. It’s obvious that you will get more than a month of freedom after your annual exams. You have to revise in a good and well-sorted manner. This is the key. This is how you will get success. This is how you will not feel sad after coming out of the test center. This is the main point and this is what you must not ignore. So, start revising chapter-by-chapter. If you have started a chapter, just make sure that you don’t leave any major point. Because if that point appears in the test and you have no clue about it, then you will be disappointed.


Well different people have different views about it. Despite having joined a preparation center recently, I would try to give neutral views. This comes handy when you find yourself in dilemma of whether it would be worth joining a test preparation center or not. The answer can be positive but, in some cases, it’s an obvious no. Let me give you two categories. You can make a guess about whether you should join a center or not. It is to be noted that this point in article does not guarantee if you would be joining the test center or not. It is just a personal view and has nothing to do with your personal will to join a center.
You should join a Test Preparation Center if
1. You can’t sit at the table to work
2. You can’t follow the time schedule that you have created for yourself
3. You have the habit to leave every work on tomorrow
4. You have a kind of irregular everyday schedule which disturbs you of being involved in studies
5. You haven’t prepared that much while sitting in the classroom
6. Your concepts need to be polished
7. You take too much time solving a simple sum
You should not join a Test Preparation Center if
1. You have the ability to prepare by yourself
2. You have a study friendly environment
3. You are capable of saving time while solving any question
4. You know much of shortcuts to answer particular questions
5. You haven’t a busy time schedule
6. You can cover the syllabus by yourself while following a well-mannered time schedule
7. Your concepts are well polished and you have the ability to memorize important points

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