Anthems – The Battle of Kashmir?

Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 and at that time, there existed several small and huge states, which were then asked to make their own decision about whether they want to combine themselves with Pakistan, or they will be joining India as states. Most of the states made decisions about their fate ofContinue reading “Anthems – The Battle of Kashmir?”

PSL V – 6 Players to look for

The most anticipating event of the year in Pakistan – PSL will commence from February 20, 2020 with a match between Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United. The hype created by this event is unexplainable. With just a few days to go, the event has already attracted the attention of the nation. The fans are waitingContinue reading “PSL V – 6 Players to look for”

Bangladesh Team In Lahore – Will It benefit Pakistan?

In recent few years, Pakistan has faced many problems regarding cricket. After the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team way back in 3 March 2009 at Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan lost its rights to host matches at home. The first major setback came in shape of Pakistan losing its rights to host the 2011 CricketContinue reading “Bangladesh Team In Lahore – Will It benefit Pakistan?”

How to start Earning Online?

We live in a modern age – the age of technology. Works or say methods of working have been constantly changing over a few decades. Back were the days when people find it difficult to have jobs. Earning money in the previous decades was a much harder task for workers. Now, the things have abruptlyContinue reading “How to start Earning Online?”

What to do after Intermediate Exams?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by intermediate students and one of the most underrated also. Students get puzzled about ‘what to do after taking exams’ and hence cannot think properly about their post-exams activities. In this state of dilemma, they get stressed and all their pre-planned tasks which they wereContinue reading “What to do after Intermediate Exams?”

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of computers?

Ever since the advent of human being, things have enormously changed over a largeperiod of time. Technology has taken over the world since a long time. Man has evolvedwith the evolution of science and technology. The development of instruments andobjects has changed the life of human being. One such instrument or object is computer.Ever sinceContinue reading “What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of computers?”

School Violence: How Can We Keep Students Safe?

School is such a place where people are admitted to gain knowledge and also, theyare brought up in a good manner. Since the evolution of schools’ systems, somenegative things have also occurred in the past few years. Worse things have takenplace over a long period of time. One of the most concerned topics is schoolviolence.WhenContinue reading “School Violence: How Can We Keep Students Safe?”

Why Social Media Might be good for Your Business?

Latest technology has been evolving since a long time. There have been manyevolution and updates in the field of science and technology. Instead of offlinebusiness, now people prefer online business and social media is the reason for it.Now-a-days every person owns a mobile phone or pocket computer. Billions ofpeople use mobile phones and social mediaContinue reading “Why Social Media Might be good for Your Business?”

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